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History of coffee

Are you a coffee addict? Or perhaps you just appreciate a good coffee from time to time? Either way, you’ll find plenty to keep you interested on my new site. Today consumers are faced with a huge range of coffee options from across the world and frankly, the choice can be baffling. I’ll be writing regular coffee reviews to help you find the perfect brew to suit your taste for specific moments, whether its the first coffee of the day or an after dinner espresso. One of the joys of coffee drinking is getting out of the house and going to a coffee shop to enjoy a change of scene, good company, music, and something sweet and fattening! You’ll find lots of information and tips about my favourite places to drink coffee and reviews of new coffee houses. Of course, coffee doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it is connected to all sorts of historical, cultural, economic and ethical issues. I will be exploring all these matters in depth. I’ll also be talking about the pros and cons of coffee consumption. I take the view that coffee drinking is a life enhancing drink that brings moments of joy, opportunities for sharing and has proven health benefits. However, excessive levels of coffee can certainly have some damaging effects and I will be giving advice on this too. So, bookmark this site and come back soon for some interesting and informative articles; and don’t forget to pour yourself a coffee first!

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