There are a few things that help us get out of bed in the morning, comfort us during our working day and tantalise the senses when we finally relax in the evenings. Chocolate and coffee both reside in the more exotic climates, but we find them laced to the shelves of every food store, cafe, and deli that line our streets and cities. Why are these foods so important to us? Both are made from seeds. Actually, the cacao fruit is not used to make chocolate; only it’s seeds are. As with coffee, it grows as a small bush with red pods; the seeds are green before they are roasted. Chocolate and coffee enjoy the same honorary status in our society, as the go-to stimulant and relaxer. Cacao contains anandamide and tryptophan, which are the neurotransmitters that act positively on mood. Coffee is a potent stimulant, but it also has been tested to improve memory. However, these exotic beans are being looked upon in new ways. Of course, we find chocolate being added to soaps, perhaps candles but rarely in makeup. Maybe it is not too much of a push for us when we know that Chocolate and coffee make the perfect eyebrow tint. Coffee and chocolate are our best friends, and we continue to find new ways of using them outside of the kitchen.

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