A coffee addict will tell you that one of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy your cuppa is to roast the beans yourself. Processing of coffee beans requires spreading your cherries out for drying. There’s plenty of different ways to do this; I won’t even go there. Home roasting has actually become a hobby because you get to experiment with different beans and roasting methods in specially-designed counter-top roasters. Processing of coffee beans affect flavour, but with a bit of practice, you get to roast the beans exactly to your taste. Enjoying coffee made from freshly roasted beans means you always get a fresh coffee. coffee beans processing affects flavour, and if you want to extend freshness, you can vacuum package or freeze the beans. Home roasters can alter the flavour of coffee, and the time the beans spend at a certain temperature affect not just flavour but aroma as well. Every coffee addict will be happy with these flavour-packed home coffee roasters so they can splurge on their addiction every day of the week.

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