Drinking coffee is a common practice worldwide. For quality coffee, there are different types of coffee machines that help in the processing of raw coffee. These coffee brewers depend on the crude coffee you need to process into the finished product. If you desire to produce a coffee drink from the beans, the bean-to-cup coffee machines are very much available to you and are the most environmentally sustainable option. Among the many different types of coffee machines, selecting the best coffee machine model will help in quenching your coffee craving. 1. a De’Longhi Magnifica, among the many bean-to-cup machines, this brand, comes with a pocket-friendly cost. With this type of device, you can dictate the quality of your drink, the strength, and temperature. In the case of a caffeine emergency, you can also have the ready-ground coffee; this helps you produce much richer and intense coffee. 2. Francis Francis coffee machines are beautiful in a kitchen; this is the best coffee brewer you could consider. The Francis Francis machine comes in a black, red or white colour to give the options that best fit your kitchen. With its steam wand, you can froth the milk for lattes and cappuccinos. In case you want to grind your raw coffee beans into a quenching drink, consider the above two models as some of the best Bean to cup machines for sustainability .

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