Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and it had its humble beginnings in Ethiopia in the 11th century. It was believed back then that boiling it into a concoction had some medicinal values and amazingly, to date, we still drink that same beverage in larger volumes. The uses for coffee are many, and some can really surprise you, for example, did you know that coffee can be used to fix up your old furniture? There are some uses for coffee that are extremely beneficial to the soil and to the environment such as being used in a compost pit and as a fertiliser, because coffee is high in nitrogen, potassium, calcium and trace minerals. No part of the coffee ever goes to waste, once you have used your coffee beans for a beverage, you can keep them and later use them for skin treatment. This is exactly what those high-end spas use for facials and the like. This is because coffee has antioxidant agents, anti-wrinkle properties and helps to remove dead skin cells. If you Fancy trying a coffee treatment, a loan fromĀ would help offset any costs.

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